Helicopter Fleet

Global Aerials is unique in that, unlike most aerial photographers who rent a helicopter or airplane when they have an aerial photo shoot; we own our own fleet of Bell and Robinson helicopters. Also, our Robinson R44 Clipper II makes a great agile and powerful aerial platform with pop-out emergency floats for the highest level of safety for over water operations.

Our helicopters are configurable for the specific equipment needs of each project. In fact with our combined vast aerial photo & video experience and helicopter we are the best resource for leading aerial photographers and video production companies from around the USA and world when they work in Florida and The Bahamas.

Nose or Side-Mount CineFlex

The CineFlex system produces the very best stabilized aerial video image quality. Depending on budget and output requirements the CineFlex platform is configurable with 4K or 6K cinema quality camera on a side or nose mount to meet your production requirements.

Manual Side-Mount Gyro Stabilization System

Custom hand operated gyro stabilizing system is capable of carrying DSLRs to cinema grade video cameras and lenses weighing up to 22 pounds.  This offers a quality stabilized aerial video option at a much lower cost when compared to the highest grade CineFlex platform.

Octocopter Drone

Productions requiring low level aerial photo or video are ideally suited for our professional grade remote controlled octocopter drone.

Marine Platform

A one-of-a-kind mobile marine platform offers a flexible staging area for equipment, personnel or as a prop in higher-end commercial, television or film productions along the water.